Spała 09 - 11.10.2014


 Polish Geological Society

 Slovak Geological Society

Section: Polish – Slovak Working Group on the Jurassic System



  • Organizing Committee: Anna Feldman-Olszewska, Andrzej Wierzbowski, Bronisław Andrzej Matyja, Błażej Błażejowski, Jolanta Iwańczuk, Renata Jach, Adam Tomašových i Jadwiga Ziaja.



  • Second Circular


Dear Colleagues,


As we have announced in the first circular, the eleventh conference “Jurassica” will be held at Spała, on 9-11 October 2014. According to our previous information during our meeting we would like to acquaint you with the Tithonian and the Callovian deposits which crop out in the Tomaszów Syncline (Owadów-Brzezinki near Sławno quarry and chalcedonite quarry at Inowłódz).


Conference will be placed at in the conference and training center „Zacisze” in Spała (Spała, ul. Piłsudskiego 20,


We are planning to begin the conference on 9 October 2014 morning and this will be the oral and poster presentation day. Therefore, it is possible to arrive in the evening before the conference. There is planned one and a half day of presentations and one field day (probably the afternoon of the second day and morning of the third day).


The total cost of conference is 470,00 PLN. It includes: accomodation and alimentation  (from 9 October 2014 morning - 2 nights, full alimentation, packed lunch for field trip), conference papers, bus transport during field trips, coffee breaks. The persons which will arrive a day before, should pay by themselves for an additional night accomodation (with breakfast)(83,00 PLN).


A deadline for payment is 15 June 2014. Payment should be done on account of Polish Geologiczal Society PKO BP SA I O. Kraków, 45 1020 2892 0000 5202 0181 6842 z with postscript „Jurassica XI”


Please to send oral and posters presentations abstracts and short articles to the address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A deadline for articles and abstracts submission is 15 June 2014. In the case of sending short article please do not send abstract on the same topic. Articles and abstracts should be prepared according to PGI-NRI Publisher guidelines ( ).


Please fill out the enclosed register form and send it no latter then 15 June 2014 to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The third and the last circular with schedule of the oral and poster presentations, and the final program will be sent to participants only at the end of September.


  • First Circular


Dear Colleagues,


After the one year break connected with the 9th International Jurassic Congress, which was held at the turn of the years 2013 and 2014 in Jaipur (India), we again plan a meeting within the scope of our cyclic conference “Jurassica”. According to our decision which has been made during our last meeting on Ukraine, this time we invite you to Central Poland, where we are planning to acquaint you with the epicontinental Upper Jurassic (Tithonian or another saying Middle Volgian) and upper Middle Jurassic deposits of the Polish Lowland. Traditionally we are planning one or two days of oral presentations and one day of field trip to Sławno near Opoczno and to Inowłódz .


The currently well known paleontological locality – the working quarry Owadów-Brzezinki near Sławno – is located about 19 km to the south-east from Tomaszów Mazowiecki. An assemblage of the extremely well preserved remains of marine and terrestrial Upper Tithonian organisms collected from occurring here limestones include: fish and marine reptiles teeth and bones, ammonite shells, carapaces of crustaceans including very rich material of horse-shoe crabs, wings of insects and bones of flying reptiles (pterosaurs). It is the only place in Poland showing similarity to the classical Jurassic locality of the Fossil Konservat-Lagerstätten type: such as Nusplingen or Solnhofen in southern Germany, but about 2 million years younger which gives special possibilities to follow the evolutionary lines of different rarely encountered groups of organisms.


Researches carried out in Owadów Brzezinki quarry within a scope of NCS grant concern paleontological analysis of the collected specimens, stratigraphical position of deposits and their depositional environment – preliminary results will be presented during the meeting.


Another geological locality is quarry at Inowłódz showing a thick complex of the Callovian sandstone gaizes, known until now as the Upper Jurassic chalcedonites. Directly older rocks are sandy ankerite limestones visible in the rubble on the high slope of the Pilica river in Inowłódz (near small Romanesque church of St. Gilles – worth to see high class monument – formerly led exploitation of these rocks is now forbidden).


Dozen meter profile in the Inowłódz quarry consists of 15-55 cm thick chalcedonite layers interbedded with sandy-muddy-clayey deposits. Chalcedonites are built mainly of siliceous sponges spicules. The age of the deposits is Callovian and they are similar to the same age deposits from the Wieluń Upland and from the south-western margin of the Holy Cross Mt.


Conference will be held on 9th-11th October 2014 in the vicinity of Spała and Opoczno towns (Central Poland). Participants outside the Central Poland are offered to arrive a day earlier on 8th October. Address and locality will be given in the second circular in the end of March.


We are planning edition of the conference materials “JURASSICA XI” where along with abstracts of oral and poster presentations and field trips guide materials, also revived short articles in Polish or English could be included. A deadline for articles and abstracts submission will be given in the second circular.


It is also a possibility to publish revived longer papers in English in the next issue of  the “Volumina Jurassica”, which will appear at the turn of the years 2014 and 2015 (editorial guideline are run at the journal web-page).


Detailed information concerning the agenda of conference, fee and accommodation, also application form will be send in the next circular at the end of March. All information will be posted at our web-page