Ten years of activities of Polish Working Group

of the Jurassic System (1999-2009)

– achievements and perspectives

Przegląd Geologiczny, vol. 58, nr 3, 2010

The Polish Working Group of the Jurassic System was founded on 13th May 1999 in Warszawa during initiative meeting which gathered 31 persons representing various geological centers in Poland. During the 70th Annual Meeting of the Polish Geological Society in Międzyzdroje on 9th June 1999, the Group was officially established as the first chronostratigraphically-oriented group in the Society. The principal objectives of the Group activities include: supply of information on the scientific activities related to studies of the Jurassic System in Poland (but open to the activities of the International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy of the IUGS) and arrangement of field meetings in Poland (JURASSICA) and also in the neighbouring countries (Slovakia and Czech Republic), presenting new results of studies, as well as other subjects related to the studies of the Jurassic System of the region . The Ninth Meeting of the Polish Working Group of the Jurassic System (JURASSICA IX) is planned for 2011 in the south-western Mesozoic Margin of the Holy Cross Mountains. The meeting will be devoted to the shallow-marine carbonate platform deposits of the Upper Jurassic.

Close relations with the geologists from Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the recent years gives the Group in fact a really international character. We hope that in the near future the character of the Group will become more open towards issues of international range, especially in the Carpathian region.

Organization of the International Congress on the Jurassic System in Poland was one of the main goals of the Group. The Congress was held in Kraków in 2006 and was arranged in cooperation with all geological departments and institutes in Poland and with the help of Slovakian geologists. The main achievement of the Group is the integration of the Polish “Jurassic geological society” which resulted in the publication of many papers in the journal Tomy Jurajskie/Volumina Jurassica, as well as the field-trip guide book Jurassic of Poland and adjacent Slovakian Carpathians prepared for the Jurassic Congress in Kraków. The latter contains detailed descriptions of the most classical outcrops of Jurassic rocks in Poland and their stratigraphical, sedimentological and geotectonic interpretation, presenting thus the summary of the current state of knowledge on the Jurassic System in Poland.